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Periodic function multiple choice

15. What is the effect on a cosine function when k changes from 1 to 2? the amplitude doubles the period is halved the graph moves up one unit the graph moves down one unit a. c. b. d. 16. What is the effect on a sine function when a changes from a positive value to a negative value? a. b. the amplitude becomes negative the function reflects in the y-axis c. the function reflects in the x-axis d. there is no effect on the function 17. A sine function has a phase shift of 60° to the right and a vertical translation of 2 units down. What is a possible equation for this function? y-sin (x+60°)-2 y-sin (x-600) + 2 c. y-sin (x-600)-2 d. y-sin (602 a, b. 18. Which of the following properties is true for a unit circle? has a radius of 1 unit neither are true both are true a, c. d. b. is centred at the origin 19. Which statement regarding sin 30° is true? a. sin 30° cos 60° b. sin 30 c. sin 30sin 150 d. all of the above 20. What reference angle should be used for an angle of 300° in standard position? a. 30° b. 45° С. 600 d. 300 21. The statement sin 45°-sin 135° is a. b. true only for clockwise rotations true only for counterclockwise rotations c. always true d. never true
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