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Phase Diagrams Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Answers d-g.
GEOL 401 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology Lab #1-Phase Diagrams Due Jan 30th Using the attached phase diagrams, answer the following questions: 1. Forsterite-Fayalite system: On the attached figure (Fig. 1a), assume equilibrium crystallization and Xbult: of Fos. Draw the cooling path of the liquid (blue) and crystals (red), Label the liquidus and solidus. a. What vwill he composition be of the frs rystals to form during cooling? fon b. What will be the liquid composition in equilibrium with these crystals?ORs c. Using the Lever Rule, what are the relative amounts of crystals and liquid remaining when the composition of the liquid is Fo6s? d. How many degrees of freedom are there at any point within the olivine+ crystals field? ay mal? f. What is the Xbuk of the system upon cooling? g. Use Fig. lb, and draw the bath of fractional crystallization, starting with the same bulk composition. Again, use blue for liquid and red for crystals. Answer the following questions: What is the bulk composition when 50 % of the liquid has crystallized? f. g. What is the final bulk composition?
0.107 P Closed System for-fors fes ay 1900 1700 T (C) plus 1500 liquid Sohidus Olvine 1300 1205 20 Fo Fa46080 wt % Forsterite FIG 1A 1900 Liquid 1700 Olivine T (C) plus 1500 liquid 1300 Olivine Fa 20 40 60 80 80 Fo wt % Forsterite FIG 1b
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