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Question: philosophy help 5 when descartes used the phrase quotcogito ergo...

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Philosophy help!!

5) When Descartes used the phrase "Cogito ergo sum," what was he referring to?

A While he could doubt any object of sense perception, he could not doubt his own existence as a thinking, doubting mind.
B Thinking is a property of physical entities.
C The fact that the mind works best when the body is in an ergonomically correct posture.
D The fact that a person can do mathematical calculations like addition demonstrates the power of the mind.

6) True or false: a materialist monist must always hold that the mind is physical, or the product of strictly physical processes.

A True
B False

7) Which statement best reflects the perspective of functionalism?

A Mental states are brains states, and brain states arise from electrochemical processes. Ultimately, then, brain states reduce to the movement of electrons, and therefore anything we would describe as mental activity will require electrons.
B Mental activities are functions of the human mind, and will always require a human mind to perform them.
C Because mental activities take place in carbon-based life forms, it will always be necessary that the "hardware" on which these activities take place must itself be carbon-based.
D The functions performed by our brains (calculating, thinking, playing games, solving problems, having consciousness) can be replicated on platforms other than human beings. These functions have the property of multiple realizability.

8) True or false: John Searles' Chinese Room thought experiment leads him to claim that computers truly understand language.

A True
B False

9)Which of the following statements best expresses the position of eliminativism?

A Waste products from the brain need to find a way out, and when they become too plentiful one has to drill a hole in the skull to ward off stupidity.
B The best way to be successful in life is to eliminate any negative thoughts or harmful ideas.
C Mentalistic terminology like "beliefs" or "desires" are based on primitive, mythological understanding, and should be entirely abandoned.
D Now that we know how brains work, we can and should eliminate the field of psychology in favor of organic chemistry.

10)The question of how our brains process visual and other sensory data is a good example of what David Chalmers calls the "hard problem" of consciousness.

A True
B False
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