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Question: photosynthesis lab report plant structure and function through the process...

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           Photosynthesis Lab Report

  1. Plant Structure and Function

  1. Through the process called __________ plants convert light energy into

__________ energy. Record your answer below.

  1. In which structure of the plant does photosynthesis occur?

  1. What is the difference between xylem and phloem?

  1. Based on lab, Exercise 1, what is the name and function of the structure labeled with the letter “H”?

  1. Chloroplast
  1. Based on Lab, Exercise 2, draw and label each part of the chloroplast. Sign, date and prepare an image of your drawing and include it with this lab report.

  1. What part of the process of photosynthesis occurs in the thylakoid compartment?

  1. What is the name and function of the structure labeled with the letter “E” in Exercise 2?

  1. Photosynthetic Products

  1. What are the three products of photosynthesis?

  1. What happens to the glucose that is not metabolized immediately?

  1. In the test for starch, which tube demonstrated a positive test for starch? How do you know?

  1. Based on Lab, Exercise 3 explain why part of the leaf was amber in color.

  1. Light Absorption
  1. What pigment is used by plants to absorb light?

  1. In the video demonstration in Exercise 4 what happens to the light spectrum when a green filter is placed in front of the light source?

  1. In step 3 of Exercise 4, which color was not absorbed by the spinach pigments?

  1. Photosynthetic Pigments
  1. What process is used in Exercise 5 to separate the plant pigments?

  1. Look at the chromatogram results in Exercise 5. What color is reflected by chlorophyll a?
  1. Which pigment reflected an orange color?

VI. Effect of Light and Temperature on Photosynthesis

  1. What was the conclusion of Blackman’s first experiment on the effect of light on photosynthesis?
  1. In his second experiment, what effect did increasing temperature have on the rate of photosynthesis?

  1. Record the data from Exercise 6 below.

Lamp Distance


Ave Bubble/min

75 cm

50 cm

25 cm

  1. In the experiment in Exercise 6, what conclusion can be drawn about the effect of light and temperature on rate of photosynthesis?

Summary Questions

  1. Why do heterotrophs depend on autotrophs?

  1. Name two reactants necessary for photosynthesis to occur.

  1. How would the process of photosynthesis be affected if a plant had no stomata?
  1. What tool is used to separate white light into different wavelengths of color?

  1. Explain why we see the color green on the leaves of plants.

  1. What color is absorbed the least by the petals on a sunflower?

  1. Photosynthesis consists of two phases. Which phase would be least affected by living in an area where there are shorter days and long periods of darkness?

  1. How could air pollution affect food production and the price you pay for food at the supermarket?

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