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PHYS10121 a) A particle of rest mass m is travelling so that its total energy is 2mc. It collides with a stationary particle of rest mass m to form a new single particle. What is the 2. rest mass of the new particle? 9 marks] b) A photon hits an electron at rest and produces an electron-positron pair according to the reaction γ+ e- e + e-+e+, what is the smallest possible photon energy for this to occur? You may assume that electrons and positrons have equal masses [8 marks) c) A photon rocket uses pure radiation as the propellant. If the initial and final rest masses of the rocket are M, and Mr, show that the final speed v of the rocket, as measured in its initial rest frame, satisfies M, (c+u 8 marks Hint: If the total momentum of all photons emitted from the rocket has magnitude p then the total energy of all those photons is equal to cp.
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