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Physicians aid in dying

Two decades ago when PAD was illegal throughout the United States less 18% of Physicians reported requests for assisted suicide. They feel uncomfortable and uneasy about the conversation of making it legal. If patients bring PAD up to them they feel like they have to figure out why they brought it up, are they just questioning the practice or are they wanting to know how to request it.Both physicians that support it or don’t need to try and help the patients of any stress or worries of the illness. The Physicians that support it think that it’s okay if there is no other way to relieve the pain the patient is going thru. However most don’t do this practice because of the time and emotional commitment to be able to. Most of the time physicians with lack of experience have a hard time knowing what medication to give or dosages because of the evidence in this practice is so low. They would also have to know how to handle if the practice doesn’t work on the patient or how to reverse it. They also have to help the families with what to do with the patient during, most physicians don’t like to stay just in case the patient changes their minds at the last minute. Also they do meet privately with the patient to tell them they can change their minds without repercussions. For the physicians that oppose they should stop caring for the patient. They should stop caring for them, so they won’t mix their own morals with the practice of the patient’s rights.

Answer the following questions:

a) Pretend you are a health care worker and are discussing the issue with a patient who wants to know about the subject. What would you say to a patient about the subject?
b) Describe your own personal opinion and tell how you would separate your own personal views of the subject in the role of a professional providing information to the patient.

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