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Question: physics intro seminar 2 gas laws in class questions q1...

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Physics Intro Seminar 2 Gas Laws- In class questions Q1. The laws of football require the ball to have a circumference between 680 mm and 700 mm. The pressure of the air in the ball is required to be between 0.60 x 10 Pa and 1.10 x 10 Pa above atmospheric pressure A ball is inflated when the atmospheric pressure is 1.00 x 10 Pa and the temperature is 17 °C. When inflated the mass of air inside the ball is 11.4 g and the circumference of the ball is 690 mm. Assume that air behaves as an ideal gas and that the thickness of the material used for the ball is negligible Deduce if the inflated ball satisfies the law of football about the pressure molar mass of air29 g mol1 Q2. (a) Outline what is meant by an ideal gas (b) An ideal gas at a temperature of 22 C is trapped in a metal cylinder of volume 0.20 m at a pressure of 1.6 x 10 Pa 0 Calculate the number of moles of gas contained in the cylinder (ii) The gas has a molar mass of 4.3 x 10 kg mol- Calculate the density of the gas in the cylinder (ii) The cylinder is taken to high altitude where the temperature is -50 C and the pressure is 3.6 x 104 Pa. A valve on the cylinder is opened to allow gas to escape Calculate the mass of gas remaining in the cylinder when it reaches equilibrium with its surroundings Total 10 marks)
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