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Question: pi find the output responsecc for each of the systems...

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PI. Find the output response,c(C) for each of the systems shown in Fig. I.(20 pts) C(s) 20 C(s) s+20 Fig. I. Response analysis
how all calculations. use the problem-solving technique tollowed in clasS The mechanical component shown in the figure is subjected to variable loading conditions that cause the axial stresses to fluctuate as indicated in the stress-time history. The material of the part is AISI 1045 HR steel with an ultimate static strength of 570 MPa. The part has been tested in the laboratory under different completely reversed stress amplitudes, the fatigue life results of these tests are shown in the table. a) The S-N diagram of the part based on the experimental data provided in the table. Use a linear regression to estimate the model constants. Set a logarithmic scale of the number of cycles and a linear scale for the fatigue strength. b) The number of repetition of the stress cydes shown in the stress-time history that the part is able to sustain before fatigue failure. Use Miners law to model the level of fatigue damage accumulated after one repetition. Whether the sequence of the applied stress cycles affect the fatigue life of the mechanical component. c) Stress (MPa) 100 cycles 550 280 cycles 350 cycles 530 440 340 240 time 240 one repetition Stress (MPa) N (Cycles) 24 459 410 257 1,494 6,749 315 270 50 36,930 21,500 000,000
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