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Question: pick a random set of 10 integers ranging from 3...

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Notation: If L is a list of positive integers from S (i.e. a sub-list) and x is member of S, then we let L+x denote the augmented sub-list derived from L by adding (i.e., appending) x to the set L For example, if L = {4, 1, 7} then L + 2-4, 1,7, 2} sum(L) wll mean the sum of elements in set L. So, sum(14,1,7-12 Col will be some collection of sub-lists. For example, if S-(4, 1,7), Col might be (0,(4, 1), (4,7))(we count the empty subset, as a list in the collection if we want it there). An exact, but not particularly fast, algorithm to find the subset L with the sum(L) as large as possible but less than or equal to t is as follows: Initialize the collection Col with one sub-list: the empty sub-list. ·Loop over all elements x in S Loop over all subsets, L, that are already members of Co if sum(L)+xs t, add the sub-list L +x to Col - if sum(L)+xt, break from both loops! Of all the subsets that end up in Col, find the sub-list L with the largest sum) The set L in the last step is the subset which has the largest sum, without going over the target, t.

Pick a random set of 10 integers ranging from 3 to 20. Use the algorithm above to Solve the subset sum problem for your set and the target 37. JAVA

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