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Question: place an html comment next to each meta tag explaining...

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Place an html comment next to each meta tag explaining its purpose.

<!doctype html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="description" content="skills pre-assessment " />
<div id="container">
<div id="header">
<h1><a href="index.html">Pre-Assessment</a></h1>
<div id="nav">
<li><a href="">Course Homepage</a></li>
<li><a href="http://www.w3.org/">W3C</a></li>
<div id="content">
<h2>My Assessment</h2>
<p>The most important goal of effective communication is clarity. Clarity is not the same as simplicity . Often, simple things are clear if the message is intended to be brief and small, but often the message is about a complex relationship that can only be presented with a necessarily large amount of data. </p>
<p>This complexity can be made to appear clear by effective organization and presentation and need not be reduced to meaningless "bite-sized" chunks of data, as simplification usually does. </p>
<p>Clarity refers to the focus on one particular message or goal at a time, rather than attempting to accomplish too much at once. Simplicity is often responsible for the "dumbing" of information rather than the illumination of it.</p>
<p>Please answer the following questions below. Remember to markup the information properly using HTML</p>
<h4>Explain the difference between the &quot;alt&quot; attribute and the &quot;title&quot; attribute. </h4>
<p>Answer goes here...</p>
<h4>Please provide an example below of how to mark up a definition from the dictionary</h4>
<p>Answer goes here...</p>
<h4>Provide an example of link pointing to your favorite site &amp; create a style rule to change the background color of the link when the user hovers over it. </h4>
<p>Answer goes here... </p>
<div id="footer">

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