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The compressed air system supplied with screw compressor driven by a 160 kW electric motor. The maximum Rated Free Air Delivery is 350 /s. The compressor is run for 6,000 hours/year. Calculate the annual cost of air leaks. The following measurements have been collected for a typical load cycle of the compressor: Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Average The current for the 3 phases measurement: Loaded 243 245 247 245 Unloaded 178 176 178 The times for load-unload cycle during production are: Loaded (sec) 50 Unloaded (sec) 10 Total Cycle (sec 60 59 60 61 51 50 The times for load-unload cycles outside production hours are: Unloaded (sec) 20 Loaded (sec 25 26 25 27 Total Cycle (sec 45 48 46 47 20 Estimate compressor load (kW) Calculate compressor average load (kW) during production period Estimate the compressor power during the leak test. Estimate energy and cost due to leaks Estimate cost saving from leak reduction program (iii) (iv) (25 marks)


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