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An evaluation needs to be made to replace 40-watt fluorescent lamp with a new lamp that saves 12% or 4.8 watts and gives the same output. The cost of each lamp is RM 4.80. Hours of operation are 4800 and the lamp life is two years. Electricity cost 70 cent/ kWh. Assuming a rate of return before taxes of 25% are required, calculate the present worth of benefits (P/A) (6 marks) The total bill for the month is RM 450,000 and the power factor (PF) is 0.8 (i) Calculate the monthly penalty, which TNB charges you the low PF. (ii) How much would be monthly PF penalty if PF was 0.7 instead of 0.8 (6 marks) The torque developed on the shaft of a 10 kW electric motor at a speed of 1450 r.p.m is 25.5 Nm. Calculate the motor shaft power (kW), loading factor and the efficiency of the motor at this loading condition if a kilowatt meter shows that the motor demand is 5.16 kW (7 marks)


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