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age 3. Your smart phone is made from various types of materials with very different mechanical properties. The back enclosure is made from lightweight 6000 series aluminum alloy and the screen is made from window glass (a.k.a. soda-lime glass). (a) Draw schematic stress-strain curves for these two types of materials under compression (list any references you used). Which material is stronger? Explain why. (b) A women dropped her iPhone 1,400-feet when taking a picture on a plane. A few days later it was returned to her by a stranger- and the best part is it still works (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2445012/iPhone-survives-1-400-foot-drop- plane.html). That iphone is covered by a silicone case. Assume that the phone hit the ground on its backside and travelled a distance of 7 cm (0.07 m) after the impact. What is the stress on the phone during the impact (in matrix form)? Is the deformation of the silicone case elastic or plastic? What would you expect to be the strain during the impact? (Hint: estimate the impact force from http:/hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/flobi.html. You alsc need to estimate the dimensions of an iphone and search for the stress-strain curves for silicone.) You didnt purchase a silicone phone case and accidentally dropped your phone on a concrete floor. The screen glass cracks and the back enclosure is dented. Use the strength of (c)

materials and fracture mechanics criteria to explain the different behavior of the glass and aluminum.

play saw the question clearly on show your work

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