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Question: please 1235 answer them in less an hour...

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Which of the following techniques is suitable for the casting of precious metals? O (A) gravity molding O (B) centrifugal casting O (C) precision casting O (D) continuous casting e Prev Pause Next > p Flag
For the following illustration, what is most nearly the tension in cable AB? 3 m 4 m 90 kg O(A) 72 N (B) 260 N o (C) 530 N (D) 710 N
A plane truss is loaded as shown. P 20 kN 4 m 5 5 m 5 m The magnitude of the compressive force in member AB is most nearly O (A) 42KN O (B) 6.7 kN O (C) 8.5 kN O (D) 11 kN
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