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Question: please also draw proxess diagram...

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3.) The oil sands near Fort McMurray, Alberta are a major contributor to Canadas oil production. The oil sands are 15% oil, the remainder being solid sand particles. In the initial stages of processing, the oil sands are mixed with warm water and sent to a settling tank. In the settling tank three layers are formed: a bottom layer (B) containing 95% sand and 5% water, a middle layer (M) of 5% oil and 95% water and a top layer (T) of 70% oil and 30% water. The top layer is skimmed off and sent for further processing while the bottom and middle layers are sent to disposal. How much warm water is added tom 100 tons of oil sands in this process if 90% of the total oil is recovered in the top layer? All percentages given are weight percentages. You are required to calculate the following: a) tons of water added middle layer d) tons of bottom layer and e) % oil recovery b) tons of top layer c) tons of
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