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С. MULTIPLECHOICEOUESTIONS For each multiple choice question shade the letter of the alphabet of the appropriate answer the scan sheet. Two marks will be given for correct choice and zero mark will be given for a incorrect choice or no answer Inhibitory neurotransmitter molecules are released when Ca moves ouf of the prèsynaptic ending x b) are secreted when action potentials reach the presynaptic ending move into the postsynaptic neuron d) will causexlepolarisation of the postsynaptic membrane )are under control of the Na-K pump 2. Which one of the following is involved in the secretion of neurotransmitters a) Membrane carbohydrates es Docking marker acceptors ) Cell adhesion molecules 3, injection of anaesthesia by a dentist before a tooth extraction a) affects primarily the central nervous system causes vasoconstriction of local blood vessels c) dulls pain by closing Na channels d) causes hyperpolarisation of cell membranes e) Both b) and c) are correct The limbic system a) relies on the arcuate fasciculus for proper function b) helps maintain balance of excitatory and inhibitory inputs to neurons that innervate the 4. skeletal muscles ) plays an important role in motivation and learning )performs some primitive sensory processing (awareness of touch) e) is a centre that governs sleep S. Dysarthria a) is characterised by difficulty with writing b) results in uncontrolled eye movement b) is characterised by right-left confusion when not treated, causes strok e) is caused by a brain tumour Proprioceptión pathways from an individuals right hand

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