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Mailings Review View Help Tell me what you want to do od AmebccDd AaBbC AaBbce Aab AaebcD a- E| · <a-B. | 1Normal 1No Spac Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle Sul Paragraph Styles 1. Which of the following position-time graphs represent an object at rest? 12. The motions of a car and a truck along a straight road are represented by the velocity-time graphs in the figure. The two vehicles are initially Jalongside each other at timet 0. At time T, what is true of the distances Trak traveled by the vehicles since time t-07 A) They will have traveled the same distance. B) The truck will not have moved. C) The car will have travelled further than the truck D) The truck will have travelled farther than the car. 3. Which of the following graphs represent an object having zero acceleration? ) only graph a B) only graph b C) graphs a and b D) graphs b and c E) graphs c and d 14. The motion of a particle is described in the velocity vs. time graph shown in the figure. Over the nine-second interval shown, we can say that the speed of the particle 4 A) only increases. B) only decreases. C) increases and then decreases. D) decreases and then increases. E) remains constant. 20 L0 tD20M 40 5.0 60 7D 8.09.0 -10 -20 -10 The position of an object at equal time intervals is shown.
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