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  3. please answer 26 bullets so i can understand your decision...

Question: please answer 26 bullets so i can understand your decision...

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Please answer 2-6 bullets so I can understand your decision tree. (Please do not give me a decision tree thats already on Zookal. I do not understand the ones already posted) I fabricated a clothing business and do not need help with the first bullet In this assignment, you will create a decision tree for a business that is considering expanding to a new location. An important part of this analysis will be the details that you create for the business itself Feel free to pick any industry that you are most familiar with, that will allow a multi-node approach. Assignment Requirements A one to two paragraph description of the business and its market. If you are using an actual business or industry, include links to references that explain the market. If you are using a fabricated business, your description should be more complete so as to explain the forces at play. . Include multiple nodes that can affect outcomes -One must be financially relatecd - One must be market-related - One node is at your discretion Generate a graphic of the decision tree using Microsoft Word or another application of your choice. . Include one to two pages of discussion of the decision tree and possible branches based on your specific example . an example business decision to be made walking through the decision-making process Include a recommendation with justification based on your opinion of the business and or market.
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