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Please answer 5-7.
abbccod AaBbccDd AaBbC AaBbCc Aab AaBbced İliNorrnalI1No Spac ρ. 스.|菖 .2-B- Heading 2 Heading 1 Title Subtitle Paragraph 5. The position of an object at equal time intervals is shown Which graph below correctly represents position versus time for this object x(m) x (m) t (s) A. 6. You are driving home on a weekend from school at s5 mih for 110 miles. It then starts to snow and you slow to 35 mi/h. You arrive home after driving 4 hours and 15 minutes. How far is your hometown from school? 180 mi B) 190 mi C)200 mi D)210 mi Show your work clearly. Circle your final answer. 7. (4 pts) A graph of position versus time for a certain particle moving along thex x (m) 10 6 axis is shown. Find the velocity at 6 seconds. 0 91 2 34 8. (8 pts) An object is at x 5 m at t 0 and moves along the x axis according to the velocity-time graph shown A. What is the instantancous acceleration at t- 8 s? v, (m/s) 20 10 B. Find the position of the object at t - 13s
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