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Please answer 8-10.
Quiz 2 Chp 2doo Mailings Review View Help ·-·-·-·--釓町| AaBbCcDdl AaBbCcDd 1 Normal 11 No Spac A . a·B- Heading 1. Heading2 Title . Subtitle Sa- Paragraph Styles -0 8. (8 pts) An object is at x 5 m at t-0 and moves along the x axis according to the velocity-time graph shown. A. What is the instantaneous acceleration at t- 8s v, (m/s) 20 10 B. Find the position of the object at t- 13s 10-15 C. Does this object ever change direction? If so, at what time or times? 9. (4 pts) An airplane needs to reach a forward velocity of 203.0 km/h to take off. On a 2000-m runway, what is the minimum uniform acceleration (in m/s2) necessary for the plane to take flight if it starts from rest? 10. (8 pts) Mature salmon vertically upward over waterfalls as high as 3.6 m. a. With what minimum speed must a salmon launch itself into the air to clear a 3.6 m waterfall? swim upstream, returning to spawn at their birthplace. During the arduous trip they leap b. How long does it take the salmon to clear the 3.6 m waterfall?
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