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Question: please answer all thank you really need help name...

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Please Answer All !!! Thank You, really need help!

Name the kinases that phosphorylate the Mad linker domain?

Name a gene that is repressed by BMP signaling in the Drosophila wing imaginal disc?

Name two genes activated by BMP signaling in the blastoderm embryo?

What is the name of the period when no new action potential can be generated?

Name the cells in the CNS and PNS that secrete myelin?

The movement of what ions cause depolarization and repolarization in an action potential?

Name the enzyme that degrades lactose, what sugars make up lactose?

Name two structural pentose sugars?

Name the two components used to make acetylcholine?

Name the two proteins involved in the cross-bridge cycle during muscle contraction?

How is type 1 diabetes treated?

Name two common drugs given to patients with type 11 diabetes?

Name two versions of the same enzyme used to phosphorylate glucose?

Name two significant outcomes of glucose phosphorylation?

Name two carinal signs of DM?

In one line explain what is gluconeogenesis/Glycogenosis?

What causes the hyperpolarization of a living membrane?

Name the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, what does it break it down into?

What is the significant of the Midblastula transition?

Name the phosphatase which has been found to dephosphorylate Mad. How do phosphatases operate?

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