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What causes shifts in the dry and wet seasons of the tropics? A.+the trade windsn B. the moving ITCZT According to the USDA Zone Map, central-Kansas has an average low temperature of-5 to-10 degrees Fwhile the eastern part of Virginia has an average low temperature of-5 to 10 degrees F, even though they are at the same latitude. Why is this?n A.+continentality B.-+the movement of the ITCZ Morgantown is between [X] latitude and experiences the [Y] winds.T 0 and 30 degreesn 30 and 60 degreesn 60 and 90 degreesn northeasterly traden southeasterly trade westerlies Prevailing easterly surface winds are found... Please note that this is a Multiple Answer Question. Select all that applym จา between 60o and 900 N latitude, and between 30o and 600 S latitude n between the Equator and 300 latitude (both N&s)n between 600 and 900o latitude (both N&S)n between 300 and 60o latitude (both N&S
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