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R-8.314 J/(mol*K)-0.082 (L*atm)/(mol *K) Consider a helium-filled piston-cylinder mechanism operating a cycle consisting of two isothermal paths connected by two isobaric path (constant pressure) paths. State point 1 (SPI) is 327C (600 K) and 1 atmosphere at the 1 L maximum volume. The maximum pressure reached in the cycle is 5 atmospheres. 1. Calculate the number of moles of helium. 2. Sketch a basic pressure-volume plot with the paths described above, labeling SP1. 3. If state point 2 (SP2) is connected to SP1 by an isobaric path, and V2, the volume at SP2, is one half of Vi SP1, what are the full P,V,T coordinates of SP2?
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