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Please answer all parts of the question ASAP with a detailed explanation so I can understand and learn. I will rate! Thanks

* RUN # 17 START JAN 7y 2 319 10:81 :35 STOP RUN# 1.7 JAN 7, 2019 10:01:35 AREA器 RT 226 357 AREA TYPE WIDTH 16059 BU 110 33.14482 32392 UP 188 66.85520 AREA TOTAL AREA= 484S1 henol and stro f phenolphthalen isappears. After

+Br Br OCH3 OCH3 OCH3 Product A Product B

a. Which product eluted first on your GC, A or B? Draw the structure below and explain the lower RT based on molecular structure and IMFs b. Based on your GC what is the ratio of the products A:B? Simplify the ratio as much as possible so one value is 1.0. :B Show your calculation for the ratio of products A:B using your GC data. c. Using your total product mass and your GC data calculate the mass for each product actually obtained. Show a sample calculation

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