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1. List and explain each step in the Gram staining procedure. Furthermore, explain how or why Gram staining works and give an example of a Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganism 2. Using a good compound light microscope with a resolving power of 0.3 μm a 10x ocular lens, and a 100x oil immersion lens, would you be able to discern two objects separated by 3 μm? 0.3 μm? 300 nm? why would or wouldnt you be able to do this with the presented microscope? 3. Why isnt the Gram stain used on acid-fast bacteria? Explain your answer. 4. Describe the pathway of light from its source to the eye, explaining what happens as it passes through the major parts of the microscope. Using a compound binocular light microscope, how can one obtain a total magnification of 2000x with a 100X objective? 5. Provide information regarding microbial size, shape, motility, and differentiation of the following preparations: spore stain, negative stain, simple stain, hanging drop slide, and Gram stain. Could the Gram stain be used to diagnose the flu? Why or why not?


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