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Please answer all questions. Thank you.

1) To get the best results in rotational molding, the base material should always be:

a)liquid b)powder c)pellet d)polymer fibers

2) The four principle steps in rotational molding include:

a) heating, remove excess slush, rotate, cooling b) cooling, rotate, heat, cutting c)loading, heating, cooling, unloading d) heating, unloading, remove excess slush, cutting

3) Rotational molded parts are typically larger than injection molded parts because:

a) rotational molding requires more pressure so larger machines are required b) Injection molded parts are easier to assemble, so larger parts come from later assembly of separate injected parts c) the resin used in injection molding needs to be melted in the screw prior to being inserted in the mold. d) it is impossible to remove large parts from an injection molding machine.

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