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please answer all questions..thanks

rwo identical positive charges are placed as shown in the diagram. A. Sketch the direction of the total electric field at each of the points (A, B, a B. Rank, from smallest to largest, the magnitude of the field at each point. 6. Draw, label, and describe a diagram that would accompany the following equation: Nm (8.99 × 10분)(2x10-°C) (2 x 10 *c) (8.9xx10-*c) (8.9910 (1.5 x 10*m)2 (8.99 x 10豐2)(4x10-6C)-(8.99 x 10 9 x 10*c) (9x10-6C) =E,at (2.0 × 10-tm)2 (4.0 x 10m)2 7. Three charges are placed on the corners of an equilateral triangle. Indicate on the diagram approximately where you would add a -2Q charge so that the total electric field at the location of 2q becomes o. Explain. 2q 2q 2q

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