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0 wuhstance secreted by connective tiss alls s a fluid matrix simple squamous epitheliam farms kidney tubules J.goblet cell 4. booe dense regular connective tissue d. moves bones 5, dense regular connective tissue e. stores fat 5 forms thin, delicate membeanes b 4- ibrocartilauge simple columnar epithelium g.found in lymph node, 7. 8. d9. matrix X% appears to be stratified i. found in the beart j/0 able to stretch k forms intervertebral discs hyaline cartilage _io elastic cartilage 11. skeletal muscle 12 straifed sgamoused srong conea br し13. smooth muscle -14. adipose tissue 15, nervous tissue m. generates electrical impalses n. shock absorber on ends of long bones similar cells grouped together p cels that support neurons 16. transitional epithelium 17, neuroglial cells o secretes mucus found in walls of hollow organs -18. dense irregular connective tissue 19. collagen has a calcified matrix cells are taller than they are wide 20. blood 21. simple cuboidal epitheium u. found in papillary layer of dermis 22. reticular connective tissue 23, areolar connective tissue 24 cardiac muscle 25. pseudostratified epithelium V. forms epiglottis w. forms joint capsules x. forms epidermis y, forms tendons

Location: Type statements with the major tissue types listed in the choices below 8) Connective, C) Muscle, D) Nervous Tissue m B 1. Lines hody cavities and covers bodys external surface 2 Cells of this tissue type may secrete or absorb substance. 3 Initiates body movement and can contract 4. Synthesizes substances that are released into ducts. s. Found in the brain and spinal cord. 6 Cells are sarrounded by extracellular matrix. 7. Cells of this tissue type transmit electrical impulses. s Most diverse and abundant tissue type. 9. Anchors, packages, and supports the bodys internal organs. The cell are tightly packed together with many cell junctions.

please answer all, thank you.

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