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Question: please answer all the following questions create a flowchart and...

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Please answer all the following questions:

Create a flowchart and write the corresponding pseudocode to solve the following business problem:

Shamwowzer sells a super absorbent towel that can be used to clean up spills everywhere called (interestingly enough) the Shamwowzer.  They primarily sell their towels utilizing an infomercial played late at night, and by utilizing social media to direct people to their YouTube channel.

The Shamwowzer Corporation sales team has been using an inefficient paper-based method for taking customer orders over the phone and would like you to start the development of a new order taking system.  You are responsible for creating a program to help them calculate the total for each order.

The order system must do the following:

  • Display an welcome screen that explains what the program does.
  • Get the number of Shamwowzers the customer would like to order.
  • Calculate the subtotal for the number of Shamwowzers ordered.
  • Each Shamwowzer costs 12.99.
  • Calculate shipping and handling costs based on number of Shamwowzers ordered
  • Customers are charged 2.99 shipping and handling for each Shamwowzer.
  • Output the number of units ordered, the subtotal, the shipping costs, and the final total.

Please include these steps:

  • Main Module
  • Introductory Screen
  • Order Capture
  • Subtotal
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Order Summary
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