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  3. please answer all the questions 5 to 10 thank you...

Question: please answer all the questions 5 to 10 thank you...

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Problem 5. What does it mean for a control bit to be Active LO? Active HT? How do you know from a pin out diagram whether a control bit is Active LO or Active H? Problem 6. Describe how the following control bits affect the operation of the 74191 IC Pin 4 Enable, G Pin 5 Up/Down Pin 11 Load Problem 7. Is the 74191 Enable (Pin 4) Active Hi or Active LO? Problem 8. Pin 14 of the 74191 is the + edge triggered clock input. What does that mean? How do you know from the pin out diagram that the 74191 counter is + edge triggered? Ir Problem 9. With regards to the 555 astable multivibrator.circuit, you will make Ri equal to lklD and Re equal to 100kD. Determine capacitor values that would give you a 1Hz signal and a lkHz signal. Determine the duty cycle for each case. Record these results in the data sheet. Problem 10. The SIP resistor arrays you will use in lab have one pin which is COMMON (that is, connected to each resistor in the SIP). How do you know looking at the SIP which pin is COMMON?please answer all the questions (5 to 10) thank you!

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