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  3. please answer all three questions thanks...

Question: please answer all three questions thanks...

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The cube in the figure has side length one with one vertex at the origin, O. (a) Let Q be the vertex opposite O and let R be the midpoint of a face of the cube as shown in the figure. Find a formula for the vectors OQ and OR in terms of the vectors i, j, and k. (b) Find the angle between the vectors OQ and ORThe triangle ABC in the figure below is an isoceles triangle for which the length of the hypotenuse is 1. Let v = AČ and w = C. Cal of v onto w, and the vector projection of w onto v. culate v - w, the scalar projection wl

Find two unit vectors that each make an angle of 60° with the vector (12,-5)

Please answer all three questions, thanks!

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