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that 12 kN axial force is applied to the steel bar and the variation of iall gauge resistance is converted into a voltage signal by using the amplifier circuit shown in Fig. 1 (b), the input voltage of Wheatstone bridge is V-10V, R 10k. When the voltage signal V, is connected to a 10-bit ADC converter and the maximum voltage of A/D conversion is 2.5V. How big is the force measurement error caused by ADC quantization error? In order to obtain high measurement accuracy please calculate the best resistance value of resistance R,? R. Le R(应变片) v. 图1 Please answer ASAP
in Figure 1 (a), a resistance strain gauge with strain constant G-2.2 4. As shown is attached to a steel bar with rectangular cross section. It is known that the width of steel bar is 3.5 cm, the thickness is 0.55 cm, the modulus of elasticity E = 205 x 106 kN/m, and the resistance R of strain gauge is 100 ohms. Assuming
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