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Question: please answer b thank you...

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Questions 1. Pay Roll Calculator: Assume that you are a young entrepreneur selling Mobile phones. There are 3 workers in your company who is JunHao, EngYong, and PingVih. Their basic salaries are fixed as listed in the table below. Each of them has different basic salary as they have different working ages. You are required to apply your rogramming skills and write a VBA program to calculate sales persons monthl salary. The program should get number of mobile phones sold by a sales person in that month and calculate their incentives based on the given condition. You need to deduct EPF and SOCSO from the total salary of the employee. EPF is calculated as 11% of total salary and RM 9.75 for SOCSO Note: Use SWITCH CASE statement to identify basic salary of an employee when his name is given as input. Use IF statement to calculate total incentives Name JunHao EngYon PingYih Basic Salary (RM 1800 1500 1900 Amount Incentives (RM / Unit) >10 and <30 > 30 15 b) Draw a flowchart illustrating the program design to solve this problem (3 Marks)Please answer b). Thank You!

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