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QUESTION 1 The principle of independent assortment requires that O nonrandom mating is occurring each parent must be homozygous each parent must be heterozysous genes are located on the same chromosome O genes are located on different chromosomes QUESTION 2 different pea plants, both with round seeds, are crossed. Round is dominant over wrinkled. You analyze the offspring from the first two generations of this aress. the offspring in the first generation have round seeds. You allow this generation to self polinase and in the secod gnatan tome or seeds. What do you know about the genotypes of the parents? one parent is homozyzous dominant and one is heterozyzous o both parental plants are homotygous dominan o one parent is homorysous recessive and one is heteroxysour o both parental plants are hecerozygous ) both parental plants are homozysous recessive QUESTION 3 dar, pe. plan. On. oren. omorngfrom the F, genratent, crossed withthe par divarf plants in the #2 ฮ.ner.tien -xpected ratio or tali and Submit to saue and swbnit. Chok Save All Answers to save all answersPlease answer BOTh questions, thx!!

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