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  3. please answer c and d please thanks...

Question: please answer c and d please thanks...

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2. Restaurant Bill Calculator: Assume that you own a restaurant and your menu has 4 choices for customer which listed in the table below. Your customer can order several foods with different quantity at one time. The price for each choice is listed below You are required to write a VBA program to compute a customer bill. The program should request the quantity of each item ordered, calculate the total cost and display the bill. You need to charge 6% of GST for the total bill. Note: MUST use Array and Looping to save sum for each type of food. Total bill MUST be calculated using looping and array. * Food Pizza Frittata Chicken Burger Price (RM) 10 12 c) Write visual basic program, execute the program with sample inputs and show the outputs. (4 Marks) d) Attach the screen shots of the program, inputs and outputs. (1 Mark)Please answer c) and d) please. Thanks!

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