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Question: please answer dq20 and p2 and dont copy from previous...

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Please answer DQ20 and P2 and don’t copy from previous post
DQ 20. What are the advantages of using SRM solutions to manage suppliers? P2. The Michelle Equipment Company is in the process of ranking its suppliers for one of its key components. To assist in the evaluation process, three suppliers is shown in the table below the information on the Score Performance Weight Toros Devils Criteria Price Payment terms Quality 00 95 80 85 Sun Gamecocks Buckeyes 0.10 85 95 90 90 85 90 85 0.20 90 80 95 livery 0.10 95 90 90 Suggestions for quality 0.20 85 90 90 improvement Reputation 0.20 85 90 90 Sustainability 0.10 908085 Total score 1.00 Each performance category is scored on a scale from (unsatisfactory) to 100 (excellent) and assigned a weight based on its relative importance. Suppliers are considered preferred if they score between 90 and 100. Preferred suppliers are those that Michelle Equipment will work with on new product development, approve for new business, and assist in maintaining a competitive position. An acceptable supplier rating is between 70 and 89. In this category, the supplier is required to provide a plan to Michelle Equipment on how to achieve preferred status. A score of 0 to 69 means that the supplier has a developmental supplier rating. How would you evaluate each of the suppliers? Which supplier would you pick? 95 85 90
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