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Please answer (e) and (f)

Find the charge on the other metal ball when it is connected with the Van de Graaff generator,the generator initially has a charge of +3.5 μC on its surface. It has a radius of 15 cm. It is connected by a long, thin, conducting wire to a neutral metal ball with a radius of 1.0 cm which is “a long way away” from the Van de Graaff generator.
(a) Find the charge on the small metal ball after this has been done. Carefully explain the thought process.
(b) Find the electric potential at each of the positions:
• Point A: 1.50ˆi m
• Point B: 1.50ˆi − 0.50ˆj m
(c) Write the potential as a function of y for points on the line x = 1.50 m, then plot it.
(d) Looking at the plot that you made in (b), if an electron passes through B and then later passes through A, will it be going faster at A or B? Don’t do any calculation to determine this; just look at your graph and think.
(e)an electron passes through point B moving at a speed of 1.00 × 107 m/s. It later passes through point A. How fast is it going as it passes through point A?
(f) Use your answer to part 1c to find the y-component of the E-field at point B.
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