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ment of Mathematics &Computer Science- York College-CUNY Winter 2019: CS 493 Date: Name (print) Task 1 - Read the directions for each question carefully before answering. Answer each question in the space provided. I may give partial credit based on the work you write down, so if time permits, show your work/thought process! l. [6 points] Explain what it means by a responsive web design . Name one feature/element/tag of webpage. HTML or CSS that you have learned that can help you to achieve a responsive 2. [4 points] Explain what mobile first design/development means? 3. [5 points] Explain if the following HTML snippet contains errors or not. If yes, explain why? This is a list item <liList Iten 1c/li> <lisList Item 2</li sli>List Item 3/i> cul> <li>List Item A</li> <li>list Iten Bc/li> s/ul clisList Iten 4k/li> <li>List Item 5</li> c/ul
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