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Please answer for both parts
Problem.Зі Problem 3: The possible existence of an optimum insulation thickness for radial systems is suggested by the presence of competing effects associated with an increase in this thickness. In particular, although the conduction resistance increases with the addition of insulation, the convection resistance decreases due to increasing outer surface area. Hence there may exist an insulation thickness that minimizes heat loss by maximizing the total resistance to heat transfer. Resolve this issue by considering the following system. A thin-walled copper tube of radius ri is used to transport a low-temperature refrigerant and is at a temperature T, that is less than that of the ambient air at Ta around the tube. Is 1. there an optimum thickness associated with application of insulation to the tube? 2. Confirm the above result by computing the total thermal resistance per unit length of tube for a 10-mm-diameter tube having the following insulation thicknesses: 0, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 mm. The insulation is composed of cellular glass, and the outer surface convection coefficient is 5 W/m2.K. Assume for cellular glass (285 K, assumed): k 0.055 W/m K. Air Insulation, k
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