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Please answer in complete sentences and all part of the question with details so I can understand it. Thanks.

Case Study l: Heart Troubles Johns brother was an all-star football player. He was going to make it to the NFL, no one had any doubt. One day John got a call - his brother was found dead in his bedroom. He was only 26 years old. The autopsy results suggested that his heart might have been to blame. Johns dad had a heart condition, and a pace-maker, but he didnt know much about it and wasnt on speaker terms with him. John decided to see a cardiologist. At the cardiologists, a nurse took his vitals. His blood pressure was 135/90. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray, ECG and echocardiogram. The chest x-ray and ECG came back normal. The echocardiogram however showed that Johns cardiac output was a little low and his left ventricular wall, thicker than average. The doctor asked him to wear a holter monitor for the next 72hr to track and record all of the electrical activity of his heart. 72hr later, John returned to his cardiologists, only to learn that the monitor had picked up some atrial fibrillations. He was shocked, he had felt nothing. The doctor explained that these could feel like rapid fluttering palpitations. Ah, yes, he thought, he had felt that. Questions 1. Identify all abnormal test results, and use one proper clinical term: 2. Connect 3 of the abnormal test results to the health of the heart. 3. Provide a primary diagnosis and a secondary condition (complication) that can arise from having this disease. 4. Present one treatment option for this patient. Include a brief explanation.

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