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Please answer number 3
Verizon LTE 2:35 PM 88% a Ims.augusta.edu Math 320 Homework W2 Due: Tueday January 2,2019 L. Finxl the geneal solution o the equation What happens to all the solutios ast+ 2. Finxd the gerral solation ol the equation 3. Solve the initial vale peolen Sove the nitial value peolen s. An egkkmit spreads through a population ara rase proportional to the peodw(๕ tle thve is a medication that cures the isfeted popalazion at a rate peoportinal to the uler infected individuak Therefore N dates the total pepulatan and 1 . ฮ4E) d auto the uud of inlected people at time t then where ส. and N are positise constants. Shr oquatkn (4) with initial coalition lem-h > 0,
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