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0仚|ǜ https://d2Llaurentian.caldaie/content/Y20942/ViewContent/1031997/View Page - mylaure Zookal Study I Guidec Due February 5th Submission instructions Submit the diary file(s) on D2L. Dont forget to write your name in the file as well, using comments. Also, indicate the number of each problem using comments. If you submit more than one file, zip them all together before uplcading them to D2I. Exercises 1. The formula for converting the temperature from Celsusdos to Fahrenheit dagrees is: fs(c 1.8) + 32 where J is the number of Pahrenheit degrocs, denoted / F, and i the number of Celsius degrees, denoted coc Conversely, to convert from Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees, we use the formula f L32 1.8 (a) What is the boiling point of water in F? (b) How cold is it, in C, when a Fahrenheit thermometer shows 20 77 (e) Write an anonymous function which takes as input the temperature in °P and outputs the temperature in C (d) Here are some recorded temperatures over a period of tin -18, -8,-10, -7.-4.-9,.15 The values are in C. Collect all of thesc values in a eetor and then compute temperatures in F sing one command. Remember to dafine the fiunction in part (e) so that it can be applied to vectors. 1 112 O Type here to search

please answer on octave-online.net

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