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Please answer Q1 (a-g)
d (8,1,-6),b - (1.-2,10), find a xb Calculate ¿ x (Ъ x r), given a-(3,0,-4), b (1, 2-1), 7-( 1,5,8) Find the area of the triangle determined by the points Pi(0,0,0), P2(0,1,2), and P3(2,2,0) Find the volume of the parallelepiped for which the following given vectors are three edges b-i +4j +k, Determine whether the four points Pi(1,1,-2), P2(4,0,-3), Pd,-510), and P4(-7,2,4) lie in the same plane Find the parametric equation for the line through points Pi(-3,7,9) and P2(4,-8,-1) Find the symmetric equation for the line through points Pi(-5,-2,-4) and
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