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Please answer q3 (a-h)
Determine which of the following planes are parallel to the line 4 (a) y3z1 (b) 6r - 3y-1 (c) x 2y5z0 (d)-2x + y-2z-7 Find parametric equation for the line of intersection of the planes 2x - 5y 0 Find the point of intersection of line xy4z 12 and line Find an equation of the plane that contains the line and is orthogonal to the plane 2x-4y-z 16 In R3, a line through the origin can be written as S - (x,y,z) x- at, y -bt, z ct, where a,b,c are real numbers> Prove that S is a subspace of R Determine whether (,1), (2,5) are linearly independent or linearly dependent. Verify that the following given basis in R4 is orthogonal Write (1,2,4,3) as a linear combination of this basis. Use the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process to construct an orthonormal basis for the subspace spanned by
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