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Please answer question #2

1. (7 points) Consider a cylinder of height h, diameter d, and wall thickness t pressurized to an internal pressure Po (gauge pressure, relative to the external pressure). The cylinder consists of material with Youngs modulus E, Poissons ratio , and density ρ. Derive expressions for the axial and hoop strains of the cylinder wall. You may assume plane stress conditions 2. (7 points) Continuing on Problem 1, assume a strain gage is bonded to the cylinder wall surface in the direction of the hoop strain. The strain gage has nominal resistance Ro and a Gage Factor GF. It is connected in a Wheatstone bridge configuration where all resistors have the same nominal resistance; the bridge has an input voltage Vin. (The strain gage is bonded and the Wheatstone bridge balanced with the vessel already pressurized.) Develop an expression for the voltage change AV across the bridge if the cylinder pressure changes by AP 3. (6 points) Continuing on Problem 2, calculate the voltage change Δν across the Wheatstone bridge when the cylinder pressure increases by 1 atm. Assume the vessel is made of aluminum 3004 with height h 10.5 cm, diameter d 5.5 cm, and thickness t 50 μm. The Gage Factor is GF2 and the Wheatstone bridge has Vin- 6 V. The strain gage has nominal resistance Ro-R4-120 Ω.

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