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Question: please answer question 2 a amp b both...

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ESTION 2 (20 marks) a. A strain gauge with a gauge factor, GF-2.1 is used in a measuring system as shown below. The bridge resistors are R R3 1k2 and the dummy gauge has R 2k2. If a strain of 5050μm/m is applied, find the bridge offset voltage when V,-10V (10) dumny stran gauje R, active slrain gauge Figure 2. b. A solid state pressure sensor indicates 0.300 V at 2.4 meter level of the water, and 0.396 V at 6.5 meter (i) Determine the sensitivity for level measurement in mV/kPa. (ii) Determine the offset voltage

Please answer question 2 (a) & (b) both

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