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Please answer question (g)

(1 point) Note: In this problem, use the method from class. See the lecture notes for January 12 on Brightspace. Also see Example 8.54 in the textbook. More examples (using real matrices) are in Section 8.6 of the textbook. Consider the sequence defined recursively by We can use matrix diagonalization to find an explicit formula for F. (a) Find a matrix A that satisfies Fn+2 n+1 -8 (b) Find the appropriate exponent k such that は1-A [2] Fo n+1
(c) Find a diagonal matrix D and an invertible matrix P such that A = PDP-1 2+2i D= 0 2-2i 2+2i 2-2i (d) Find P-1 p-1 = -i/2+1/2i/4 (e) Find AS PDSP-1 -64 512 -256 (0 Use parts (b) and (e) to find Fs F5-64 (g) Find an explicit closed formula for
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