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Question: please answer questions 115...

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Please answer questions 1-15.
QUESTION 1 Which statement is FALSE? O A patient may have polycythemia if they have low hematocrit O Leukemia is a cancerous
QUESTION 3 Which of the following would NOT be a possible cause of sickling of red blood cells in someone with sickle-cell an
QUESTION 5 Which statement is FALSE? O Macrophages breakdown hemoglobin in the liver O Globin is degraded into amino acids O
QUESTION7 Carbon dioxide can be transported through the bloodstream by binding to hemoglobin. O True O False QUESTION 8 Match
QUESTION 9 What is the name of the protein found in erythrocytes that allows for respiratory gas transport? O fibrinogen O pl
QUESTION 11 What is hematocrit a measure of? o the percentage of erythrocytes in a whole blood sample O the percentage of pla
QUESTION 13 Which statement is FALSE? O oxygen bound to hemoglobin forms oxyhemoglobin 0 Each hemoglobin molecule can transp
QUESTION 15 A blood disease caused by destruction of red blood cells O Iron deficiency anemia O Sickle-cell anemia O Aplastic
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