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Please answer. Thank you.
e | E FoA-Practice F → ○ 仚 | Upload Assignn | e Task You Must l Java Found × LG Se Dilearning.oracle.com/ilearn en learner/jsp/playerjsp?rco-id-22094 144 No results Op 를 Find on page instan Java Foundations - Student - English Summary to see which questic Answer the question(s) on this page, and click Next to go to the next test page. Click Section 4 Quiz 2- L3-L5 (Answer all questions in this section) 1. A constant field, like Math. Pl is used to represent a fixed value. O True ○ False 2. What is the package name which contains Math class? Ojava.awt O java.net O java.io O java.lang 3. What is the approximate value of P1? 02.718 0 The value varies. O3.141 4. Which two are the features of the Math class? (Choose all correct answers) You dont have to worry about the data type returned from a Math methood. □Math methods can be invoked with Strings as arguments. □Common math functions like square root are taken care of in the language. The Math methods can be invoked without creating an instance of a Math object. 5. You need to generate random integer values in the range 2 through 10. This code fragment will p Random r new Random); r.nextint(9) +2; O True False
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