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Question: please answer the following question...

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Please answer the following question
Number of Times Each Lines // a.size A, b.sizeB 1 String findMatch(LinkedList a, Linkedlist b) Evaluated Jth in a, Kth in b Node aNode -a.first.next 3 for (int í = e; ǐ a.size; i++) { 4 Node bNode b.first.next: 5 for (int j 8:jb.size;) 6if (aNode.value,equals (bNode.value) ( return aNode.value; ヲ11 bNode ·bNode.next; 10 11 aNode#aNode . next; 12 13 return null; 14 ) Cam yoo Please answer what each line ts doing ese eygl lain your antwer in dehil using plain ejlis your answer in de when n
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